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Are you sick of using alcohol to cope with work and life stress?

I can help you find freedom

from this cycle!

Meet Cait, RN, FNP-C

Duke-Certified Health and Wellness Coach 

This Naked Mind Certified Coach

ACLM-Certified in Lifestyle Medicine  

I have been working as a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner for 16 years, gathering experience and knowledge about health and sickness. Becoming a Health Coach now gives me the opportunity to focus on health and wellness
While health has been the foundation of my career, like many people, I used to struggle with processing and unwinding after a stressful work day.  Having a few drinks after work to disconnect from my day became a routine. You can probably relate! And while it was a quick way to numb out, alcohol was just a bandaid. I realized as my anxiety got worse, that alcohol wasn’t alleviating stress at all, it was contributing to it!
In exploring my own relationship with drinking, I discovered that I didn’t need alcohol to unwind from my day. In fact, I found many other significantly more effective ways to manage my stress, that didn’t come along with the guilt of drinking more than I felt comfortable with.

Have you ever questioned your own drinking? It can be so hard to know where to turn for help, especially for sensitive professions, like healthcare. My coaching methods include a judgement-free space to explore this question. By working together, we can find answers to questions you haven’t felt safe asking aloud. (Trust me, you can’t shock an ER nurse!) The coaching process does require effort, but the end result of finding freedom from the cycle that you are stuck in is a blissfully effortless way to live!


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I Specialize In...

Helping healthcare workers change their relationship with alcohol, in a judgement-free space, so that they can find freedom from the guilt and shame of using alcohol to cope.

What that might look like for you : 

Setting health goals

Figuring out the role that alcohol plays in your life

Establishing healthy coping mechanisms

Finding freedom from the cycle of drinking you are stuck in

Having actionable steps each week

The Six Pillars of Health

We can also work on any/all of these!

Beach Run

Physical Activity

Preparing Healthy Food

Food & Nutrition

Cute Cat

Stress Management


Holding Hands

Avoiding Risky Substances

Social Connection

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